A & G Nikitakis GP – Success story of a true entrepreneurial spirit

A & G Nikitakis GP is the business expression of the determination and effort of Antonis Nikitakis and Yanna Svyrinakis to succeed in promoting and selling a truly local product of high quality in the national and international market.

Antonis and Yanna are the perfect example of the new generation of Greek producers that choose to think and act outside the safe “familiar” and “safe” limits: with entrepreneurial extroversion, imagination and passion for what they do, along with a strong “weapon”, that of Cretan olive oil, they have entered a vast and antagonistic market and they have succeeded.

Their homeland is synonymous with olive oil, the local culture was shaped partly by this nourishing juice and is expressed through the cuisine and the local economy. Antonis and Yanna have created an exemplary production and bottling unit: state-of-the-art olive mill, nitrogen air-tight stainless storage tanks and a bottling line that supports various types of packaging.

At Vafis Olive Oil we strongly believe in entrepreneurial extroversion. We believe that our home-grown high quality olive oil can reach anywhere in the world market via well organized and firm business relationships.

Vafis Sales Points on Map

It is this belief that we turn into actions: we are a local family business yet our products have already reached consumers in various countries in Europe and the US. We want to go further, though, we keep getting better, we experiment with new things and we expand our product range, we participate in international food expos and receive awards.

We are here to get to know you. We are ready begin, with you, a firm and profitable new partnership with the goal to mutually benefit from the promotion of our unique olive oil to the international marketplace.


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“The olive oil of our family is unique and of high nutritional value, the result of a long involvement in the cultivation of the olive tree.