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One century, three generations, one love:
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The Phaestos olive groves, at the valley of Messara in Crete, Greece are a living myth: that is where our home is, a blessed ancient land where man never ceased to cultivate the olive tree and produce olive oil, the essential food of our people over the centuries.

The family

Our family have been cultivating and producing olive oil for more than a century with an enduring enthusiasm and a deep-rooted sense of care and respect for the olive tree and its fruit. This century-long relation with the olive tree and olive oil has gifted us with knowledge and skills and a deep understanding that passed naturally from our grandfathers to the grandchildren.

The story of Vafis begins about 100 years ago when grandpa Antonis Nikitakis set up a small olive mill in Sivas village, in the bountiful valley of Messara in southern Crete, to accommodate the family and village necessary supply for olive oil.

VAFIS Family
VAFIS Family

This experience and skills were transferred from grandpa to father and then to the son, Antonis, who, in turn, together with his wife Yanna Svyrinakis make their precious products available to international consumers.

“The olive oil of our family is unique and of high nutritional value, the result of a long involvement in the cultivation of the olive tree.

VAFIS Extra Virgin Olive Oil