Messara valley,
our home

the warm Cretan land, where we produce our olive oil

The Phaestos olive groves, at the valley of Messara in Crete, Greece are a living myth: that is where our home is, a blessed ancient land where man never ceased to cultivate the olive tree and produce olive oil, the essential food of our people over the centuries.

VAFIS, Η οικογένεια

Messara valley, the largest basin land formation in Crete, is surrounded by such mountain ranges as the one of Psiloritis to the north and Asterousia to the south. Olive groves and vineyards cover every part of this beautiful plain, cultivated for more than 20 centuries.

Its mild, temperate climate, especially in the autumn and winter months during which the olive fruit is ripe, favors the production of especially high quality olive oil, one of the best in Greece.

VAFIS, Η οικογένεια

“The olive oil of our family is unique and of high nutritional value, the result of a long involvement in the cultivation of the olive tree.

VAFIS Extra Virgin Olive Oil